Medically induced vomiting which cleanes the upper respiratory tract and upper digestive system.
Useful in : Asthama, Skin diseases, Obesity, Acidity & all Kapha Vikar.


Medically induced purgation which cleanses the lower digestive tract.
Useful in : Jaundice, Acid-peptic disease, Diabetes, Paralysis, Skin Disease & all Pitta Vikar.


Administration of herbal decoctions and oil through rectum.
Useful in : Lower Backache, Arthitis, Paralysis, Spondylosis & all Vata Vikar.


It involves the administration of medicines through the nose in the form of drops or powders.
Useful in : Chronic Sinusitis, Migraine, Hairloss, Paralysis, Mental disorders etc.


A process of blood letting from the body with the help of Jauaka ( Leech )
Useful in : Skin disease, Vitiligo , Arthitis etc.

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