It is the worlds oldest and precious science of healing.It was in practice since 4000B.C.It is almost as old as mankind and since its fundamental principles are unchangeable with the event of time it can provide remedy for thr any disharmony in his life even in modern days.

Ayurveda is a collection of observations,findings of several generations of people or a developed understanding of maintaining good health,nature,prevention of both mental and physical diseases.Curative aspects of the disease with panchakarma and maintain the health by increasing ,by adopting diet and life style recommendations which is suitable for the constitution.

Ayurveda has its own philosophy which is derived fromVedas,the divine books of knowledge.Lord Dhanvantari,an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the divine consiousness,which represents the truth in the tradition of Ayurveda.The aim of Ayurveda is not only healing the sicks,but also prevention of illness and preservation of healty life.And in that way it comprises a noble system of living that makes Ayurveda the most complete system of medicine and health care we all know today.


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